Relax & Beat Stress

19 August 2019

IN TODAY’S MODERN WORLD we live our lives with a little too much stress. A certain amount of stress in the right place at the right time can be good. It sharpens the mind and the concentration, helping a person get more done. However, long-term stress can have an adverse effect, both mentally and physically.

Relax & beat stress

The antidote to stress is relaxation – the two are opposite states of mind that cannot coexist. Relaxation is beneficial in:

  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke.
  • Diminishing anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Boosting your immune system, helping you stay healthier.
  • Helping the digestive system to work better, reducing the effects of IBS and other gastric disorders.
  • Improving sleep, because you spend less time worrying during the day.
  • Aiding your memory and learning.
  • Improving your coping ability.
  • Making you feel better generally.

Feeling day-dreamy

Do you ever notice yourself feeling more tired and day-dreamy at certain times of the day, like you just want to fall asleep for a while or drift away someplace pleasant?

Every 90–120 minutes the brain likes to take time out from all that thinking. If allowed to do so, the logical part, the left hemisphere, will take a rest and the more creative right hemisphere becomes more dominant. This state lasts around 15–20 minutes.

Routine maintenance

It’s a bit like running one of those maintenance programs on your PC. Every so often it does a little housekeeping, running little checks to see that everything is working at optimum performance.

Of course it isn’t always convenient, but when it is, this is the best time to engage in any relaxation activity for a short while, be that meditation, daydreaming, or simply listening to a relaxation recording. It’s giving your brain exactly what it needs when it needs it most.

Power nap

Many professionals have learnt to recognise this state of mind and, circumstances permitting, they take a little time out from their busy schedule to unwind. Hence was born the ‘power nap’. After relaxing for 15 minutes or so, they return to their work fully refreshed and with renewed vigour.

Self hypnosis & guided imagery

How good would it feel to feel like it’s the beginning of a brand new day, whatever time it is?

With the help of self hypnosis and guided imagery you learn to use the power of your imagination, taking you on journeys of pure rest and relaxation and leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever needs to be done through the rest of your day.

When you imagine something vividly and with all the senses, your mind cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. Self hypnosis can communicate directly with the subconscious mind – the place where your thoughts and emotions are stored – utilising your own memories and imagination to take you on a wondrous journey.

As you listen to these relaxing downloads your body will respond to that amble around a tropical island, or that autumn stroll through a beautiful park, just as if you were actually there.

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Book Ideas

Control Stress book cover

Control Stress
Paul McKenna

Stop worrying and feel good now.

The right amount of stress can be motivational, but too much is harmful to both the mind and body. More than a simple encouragement to not ‘sweat the small stuff’, this book is a valuable resource of techniques that can really make a difference in reducing stress and worry, and in helping you to feel calm.

Paul McKenna begins by looking at the function of stress in modern life, and then gives you some practical exercises to overcome worry, before looking at how to bring more peace and joy into your everyday life.

Also includes a free self hypnosis CD to help attain a relaxed state of mind. This naturally lowers stress levels and makes it easier to absorb the ideas Paul describes. When feeling calmer the mind naturally works better, making it easier to see answers to some of the problems that were causing your stress in the first place.

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