What is Self Help

16 September 2019

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There are no magic cures.
There are no magic therapists.

All psychological help is essentially self help.

Will and belief

FIRST AND FOREMOST is having the ‘will’ – the will to want to change a part of your life that isn’t working. It makes no difference how much or how little determination a person has; without that will, all the best therapy and techniques in the world will be largely ineffective.

But start to actually ‘want’ something really really badly, and it’s amazing how often you find the means to make it so.

‘Expectation’ is the other vital ingredient. A belief that a positive change will happen as a result of something you’re doing. What a person ‘expects’ has an uncanny habit of actually happening.

How often have you thought something would turn out badly...  then it did? Well now is time to expect a positive outcome for a change.

Easy answers to difficult problems

Self help has often been criticised for trying to provide easy answers to difficult problems, and the only people who benefit are those selling the ideas. I don’t think that’s entirely true. Like most things in life; there’s good and there’s not so good, and I’d like to think that here you’ll find the good!

Indeed, the answers are often simple, but putting those answers into practice can be a little trickier. Many self help products promise a ‘quick fix’, leading a person to believe they don’t have to do very much in order to get results. That’s why they often fail to deliver what they promise; they don’t encourage a person to make that effort.

It’s like anything in life; first you put in some hard work, then you reap the rewards.

Consider learning something new; maybe a subject at college or university, or perhaps a self study course. I think you’ll agree, it’s not enough to listen casually to the lectures and browse through the books. A good therapist is like a good teacher and a good self help product is like a good book, but those alone won’t guarantee a successful student. A certain amount of time and effort on your part is also imperative.

A little more help

Sometimes however, all the will in the world just doesn’t seem quite enough. You know what to do but can’t quite make it work in practice. The subconscious mind is very strong, and when it ‘thinks’ it knows best, it’s very hard to overrule.

This might be the time to enlist the help of a good therapist. Somebody to really assist your self help endeavours and help break through that ‘mental’ barrier. Teaching you something you didn’t already know, or giving you a better understanding or new perspective on something you thought you did.

But remember...  they’re still only the teacher, and it’s you who must do the actual work.

Self hypnosis

As I said above, the stumbling block often lies in the subconscious mind. It thinks it knows best and resists trying something new. But it’s hard to get in touch with that part of the mind because, by definition, it’s ‘below’ the normal level of awareness; sub-conscious. Hypnosis however, is extremely good at communicating with it, and sometimes that’s all that’s needed to start making real progress.

So if you’ve hit a bit of a ‘mental block’ but don’t feel comfortable seeking professional help in person, self hypnosis is something that can make a big difference.

There are many inexpensive downloads recommended throughout the site, and also many self help books.

So remember...

These two important points as you use this site:

  • Having the ‘will’ to want to make a part of your life better.
  • Having the ‘belief’ that what you’re doing will bring about that positive change.

What do you want to do now

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