Can You Say the Colour

19 August 2019

LOOK AT THE BOX BELOW and say the colour the word is written in, but don’t read the actual word itself.

Do this as quickly as you can...   It’s harder than you think.

Say the colour...   not the word

red blue yellow green black orange purple red purple green blue yellow orange blue black red

It does prove a point

This may be just a bit of fun but it does demonstrate an interesting phenomenon about how the mind works.

You see, the brain can be divided into two hemispheres; the left and the right.

  • Left hemisphere – responsible for conscious thought and logical reasoning; the things you’re consciously aware of.
  • Right hemisphere – used for more creative and abstract tasks; the things you just ‘know’ without really thinking about them.

People tend to use one or the other at any given time, and it gets terribly confusing when you try to use both simultaneously; as you just found out!

Here you’re using your left brain to read the words, while at the same time attempting to use your right brain for the more abstract task of colour recognition.

How much easier would it be if they were just blocks of colour?

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