Information Centre

16 September 2019

HERE YOU CAN FIND general information about the site; answering some of your questions, and making your visit a more pleasurable experience.

Site Map

Lost? You know the page is here somewhere but just can’t seem to find it. Well now you can with the aid of the ‘Site Map’.

By the way, have you tried the ‘Quick Map’ button at the bottom of each menu? It gives quick access to all the main site sections.

A-Z Index

Like a ‘self service’ search engine, where everything is listed in alphabetical order. More than a site map, better than a search box; the ‘A-Z Index’ allows you to browse for topics of interest using your own terms.

There’s also a handy button at the bottom of every menu. Give it a try!

Help pages

Get answers to all your commonly asked questions here.

Computer Help

Answering a few basic technical questions you may have regarding the use of this site. Nothing too technical though – this isn’t a computer website, you know!

What do you want to do now

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