Hypnosis Myths Explained

19 August 2019

LOTS OF PEOPLE have lots of strange and misguided ideas about hypnosis. I must admit, at one time I shared them too. Stage shows, media coverage, and a lot of ignorance are responsible. So here’s a list of funny ideas that people have regarding hypnosis, along with some reassuring truths.

A hypnotist possesses unusual powers

Actually a hypnotist is rather an ordinary person. His only gift is the skill of using language effectively. It’s like advertising, or politics, those who partake are masters of suggestion. The hypnotist merely guides the imagination.

Hypnosis means losing control

Loss of control is a very common worry. However, the person always has complete control and the free will to accept or reject any suggestions being made to them. They won’t do anything in hypnosis that they wouldn’t morally do out of it.

Hypnosis means a loss of consciousness

Losing consciousness or awareness is another common fear, and the term ‘going under’ is often wrongly used. In fact the person is very much aware; aware of the focus of their attention, although less aware of their external surroundings and happenings. But that’s often the case in normal life when engrossed in something.

I might become stuck

Nobody ever got stuck!

If the hypnotist walked away mid-session or your CD stopped playing, the most likely outcome would be that the sudden change of external stimuli (in this case the sudden silence) would demand your attention and alert you. At the very worst you might drift into a pleasant sleep for a short time before naturally awakening. Hypnosis shares a lot of qualities with the first stages of sleep.

Hypnosis can be dangerous

Hypnosis, or more accurately a state of trance, is something us humans naturally experience each and every day, and is perfectly safe.

Read What is Hypnosis and discover how that is.

Only weak minded people can be hypnotised

Most people can be hypnotised. In fact intelligent people are easier to hypnotise because with that increased intelligence comes a more open and enquiring mind.

Everyone can be hypnotised

Not quite. Most can, but only if they choose to be. However, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or those with a mental or neurological condition will usually not be hypnotisable. You see, hypnosis requires a person to have a certain level of awareness.

Hypnosis can cure or solve anything

Hypnosis is a powerful tool but sadly it cannot cure everything. It can help facilitate change by putting a person in touch with their subconscious mind and creative abilities. However, it cannot enable them to do what they don’t know how to do. It can only help in better accessing those resources they do already possess.

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