Introduction to Hypnosis

16 September 2019

“What...  hypnosis!”  I hear you exclaim

Cartoon of a shocked woman at her office desk, almost falling off her chair

IT’S TRUE; a lot of people have a lot of funny ideas about hypnosis. Most stem from stage show antics where members of the public appear to be put under some sort of ‘spell’ and are under the control of the hypnotist. In fact the exact opposite is true. A person in a hypnotic trance is still very much aware and in control of what they do. The hypnotist merely guides their thoughts in the desired direction.

These pages teach you what hypnosis is really about, and you soon discover just how effective it can be at solving so many common psychological problems.

You’re feeling sleepy...

Mention the word hypnosis or hypnotist and the mind instantly conjures up that familiar figure of the mysterious caped character with swinging stopwatch, uttering those infamous words;

“You’re feeling very sleepy...  sleep...  sleep...

Well, you know the rest.

And at the mere mention of the word ‘trance’, do you think of being in an unconscious zombie-like state; one in which you surrender yourself to the whim and will of that other person?

Rest assured, those things are the work of fiction. Even the swinging watch stuff; yes it can work up to a point, but it’s a very ineffective method of hypnosis. It’s only really used to add to the illusion of a stage show.

Trance – a natural state

Hypnosis is a natural state, much like daydreaming or that hazy period between waking and sleeping. It’s the state in which the mind is most open and receptive to learning new ways and new possibilities. All hypnosis is effectively self hypnosis, and a person in a hypnotic trance is still very much in control of what they do. The hypnotist merely guides their thoughts in the preferred direction.

Knowledge is power

The sense of wonder surrounding hypnosis is rather like the wise old man of the tribe being bestowed the crown of ‘Witch Doctor’. He appears to those around him like some super being, empowered with the ability to perform miracles. In truth he’s just a little smarter and understands a little more than his fellow tribesmen, but his knowledge brings him power.

The modern day hypnotist merely understands a little more than the rest, which is why you hold him in such awe. But soon you will know too.

What do you want to do now

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