Accessibility Information

19 August 2019

MAKING IT EASIER for people with disabilities to use Psychology Solution.

Text size

To increase the text size, simply press [Ctrl and +] together repeatedly. [Ctrl and –] reduces text size, while [Ctrl and 0] resets it back to the default level.

For older versions of Internet Explorer; from the View drop-down menu, select Text Size.

Access keys

Access keys are basically keyboard shortcuts, giving you quick and easy access to key areas of the site or page.

Access keys for this site are:

  1. Go to the main content.

  2. Go to the page menu (left).

  3. Return to the top of the page (and top tabs).

Using Access Keys

Internet Explorer

Hold down [Alt + Access Key] to highlight the link. Release both, then press Enter to scroll to that location.


Hold down [Shift + Alt + Access Key] to scroll to that location.


Hold down [Alt + Access Key] to scroll to that location.


Hold down [Ctrl + Access Key] to scroll to that location. When using Safari on Windows, substitute Alt for Ctrl.


Hold down [Shift + Esc] to open a list of available Access Keys. Release both, then press the appropriate key to scroll to that location.

Keyboard tabbing

Using the keyboard to navigate a website can be a useful alternative to using the mouse. Pressing the Tab key while on a page selects the next link, while pressing it repeatedly steps through the links.

When your chosen link is selected – indicated by a dotted border – activate it by pressing Enter.

Step backward through links by holding down [Shift + Tab] together.

On this site, the first three Tab key presses take you to the following page locations:

  1. Main content.

  2. Page menu.

  3. Top of the page.

Pressing Enter jumps to that location, and subsequent tabbing takes you to the first link in that section.

I know...  returning to the top of the page when you’re already there is rather a futile exercise, however; I wanted to make it easy to figure out the ‘access keys’ without referring to this page.

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