How to get the Best Results

19 August 2019

WITH MOST SELF HELP AND THERAPY, and none more so than hypnotherapy, ‘intent’ and ‘expectation’ play a huge part in it’s success.

First you must want to make a change to that part of your life that isn’t how you want it to be. Next you need to expect that what you’re doing will in fact bring about that improvement. Without the ‘belief’ in what you’re doing and the ‘will’ to want it to work, all the best therapy in the world will be largely ineffective.

So being in the right frame of mind to want to make a positive change is vital. In fact, having that sort of optimistic mindset is beneficial in all areas of life. It’s even been proven to assist the recovery from physical illness and injury too.

How to listen

The best way to listen to your download or CD is lying down or sitting comfortably, and if possible, using headphones. Most people prefer closing their eyes, but it’s not essential. It just makes it easier to free yourself from your surroundings and allow your mind to wander.

The best time

Have you ever noticed certain times of the day when you naturally feel a little tired? Times when you could easily fall asleep for a while? We all naturally go through such cycles every 90 minutes or so. It’s a time when the conscious part of the mind wants to take time out from all that thinking, and the more imaginative, creative part becomes more dominant. This is the part that hypnosis appeals to.

So this the ideal time to listen to your recording because – circumstances permitting – you naturally enter a sort of trance-like state for 15–20 minutes. Don’t worry if this doesn’t fit your lifestyle and you find work or other commitments getting in the way. Just set aside 20 minutes or so when you do have time to relax, and let the world cope on it’s own for a while.

Some people like to listen first thing in the morning, feeling it gives them a lift and sets them up for the day. Others prefer last thing in the evening, but that brings with it the risk of falling asleep. Studies show that a person can in fact learn whilst asleep; however, self hypnosis utilise the power of the mind to imagine certain things happening. If you’re sleeping, you cannot be imagining!

21 days

It’s been suggested that after repeating the same thoughts or behaviour patterns for 21 days, they become a new habit. So with that in mind I’d suggest listening to your download or CD every day for around three weeks. Alternatively, you might like to listen just before an upcoming event, to give yourself a boost when you need it most.

Free course – learn more

Hypnosis works best when a person believes it will work and make a positive difference, and it’s much easier to believe in something when it’s fully understood. So I think you might find this Free Hypnosis Email Course fascinating, as well as gaining a better insight into self hypnosis and how it works.

What do you want to do now

A Word of Warning!

Because hypnosis uses relaxation techniques along with focusing the mind on the suggestions being made, NEVER listen to these downloads or CDs in a situation that requires your full attention, such as operating machinery or driving.

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