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19 August 2019

Become more self confident today

IT’S NO ACCIDENT that some people seem to be highly confident. They simply know how to do it! Having a belief in yourself and your abilities is a skill, and it’s a skill that can be learnt. Whether it’s building self confidence or improving self esteem, you too can learn when you register for this free email course.

Learn from the professionals

The course has been put together by the team at Uncommon Knowledge. They’ve been working with companies and individuals for years, as well as training future professional therapists. Now you too can benefit from some of their techniques for free when you enrol on this course.

Whether it’s gaining the confidence to help you through an interview, a presentation, or simply getting more pleasure from social events; register now and receive Lesson-1 of this free 6-part course in your inbox within minutes.

Added bonus

If you’re considering purchasing the Self Confidence Trainer CD Set, this free course has an added bonus for you. As well as providing an excellent introduction to what the CDs can offer, simply registering for the free course entitles you to a 20 percent discount off the list price if you later decide to purchase it.

All that’s required is a valid email address to send your lessons to.

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CD & DVD Library

The Self Confidence Trainer CD set

Self Confidence

Learn the habits of self confident people.

Wouldn’t it be great going into a situation thinking; “Whatever happens, I’ll be OK.”

When feeling anxious or self conscious, the mind isn’t working as well as it could be. It becomes preoccupied with all those ‘what ifs’ about things you don’t want to happen. That’s why it’s so important to be emotionally prepared and relaxed going into that situation.

This comprehensive 2-CD set contains over two hours of empowering material. A wealth of ideas and exercises to develop that confident state of mind that some people find so effortless, along with hypnosis sessions to give your confidence a boost when you need it most.

Teach yourself the ways of naturally confident people. Rather than a strenuous struggle, confidence becomes an effortless habit.

If you find this product less effective than you hoped, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund. (One order per person.)

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