Free Hypnosis Course

19 August 2019

Free hypnosis course with audio

WANT TO LEARN MORE about the fascinating subject of hypnosis? This online course comprises five email lessons. You receive one every two days, with Lesson-1 arriving at your inbox in the next few moments.

The thing that sets this course apart is that each lesson comes with a link to a downloadable audio file. It’s one thing reading about something, but actually experiencing it really brings that learning to life. There’s even a free trance script for you to study, marked up with all the key hypnotic language patterns.

Dispel your fears

Some people like to enrol simply to learn something new, while for others it’s a means of dispelling some outdated and misplaced fears about what hypnosis really is. Understanding more about something brings with it a certain reassurance, don’t you think?

All that’s needed is a valid email address to send your lessons to.

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