What is Self Confidence

25 April 2018

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Confidence is a funny thing...

Those who lack it are painfully aware of it.
Those who possess it don’t realise they do.

LIFE CAN BE LONELY AND UNFULFILLED when lacking self confidence. It can hold a person back in so many ways; from getting on in their career, to building meaningful relationships, to simply having a good time. It can prevent them from realising their dreams and full potential.

How often have you had a good idea and thought it was silly, only to watch somebody else do it and receive all the credit? Many talented people go unnoticed simply because they lack confidence. It’s such a shame.

However, a lack of confidence rarely reflects a lack of ability. More often it’s due to:

  • Having unrealistic expectations.
  • Being afraid of a negative outcome.
  • Relying too heavily on the approval of others.
  • Feeling uncomfortable about uncertainty.


The quality of believing in your abilities; feeling self assured.

So what is confidence

Confidence is a state of mind. It’s an approach to situations. Basically it’s just an absence of a lot of other negative emotions, critical self talk, and self doubt. Things like feeling anxious, uncertain, intimidated, embarrassed and so forth.

So you see, confidence isn’t so much about striving to gain something beneficial you don’t yet have; it’s more a question of letting go of something unhelpful that you do already possess. I wonder if that shines new light on the whole concept of how to be more confident?

Self assured

Contrary to popular belief, confidence isn’t about knowing in advance how to do something new. If you think about it, that just isn’t possible. It’s about having faith in your own abilities; knowing you can ‘cope’ with any uncertain outcomes that new situation may present.

Having an attitude of, “Whatever happens...  I’ll be OK.”

Read on and discover how being self confident can be an effortless habit, not a strenuous struggle.

What do you want to do now

The trouble with doing nothing is that you never know when you’ve finished.

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An insightful and engaging look at the destructive effects of fear in all aspects of your life, with guidance on how that fear may be overcome.

People often have a desire to change but find themselves held back by fear and self doubt? Unfortunately change often requires facing one’s fears, and that’s when they give up.

Based on the idea that indecisiveness stems from a fear of the unknown, Susan Jeffers advises you to ‘face the fear’ and not be swayed by outside influences. She provides both an understanding of the roots of your fears and actions you can take to better deal with them, be that a fear of public speaking, asserting yourself, making decisions, intimacy, changing jobs, being alone, ending a relationship...  and many other common fears.

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