What is JavaScript

16 September 2019

JAVASCRIPT IS A browser based programming language used to add interactivity and other dynamic effects to an otherwise lifeless web page.

Many modern web sites use JavaScript to such an extent that they become virtually unusable without it. I consider that a bad practice because some people aren’t able to surf with JavaScript, and I believe my website should be accessible to everyone.

This site

Here at Psychology Solution, things works perfectly well with or without JavaScript. I used it purely to enhance the pages; making them more interactive and user friendly and, I hope, making your visit a more interesting experience.

So if your browser is JavaScript capable but for some reason it’s currently disabled, why not enable it now and experience the difference yourself? Features like the tabbed menus that allow you to browse other related site sections without leaving the current page, or smooth auto scrolling to maintain a sense of where you are on a page, just aren’t possible without JavaScript.

Internet Explorer

If you’re still using an older version of this browser, it would be a good idea to upgrade to the latest version.

If you cannot upgrade at this time, enabling JavaScript is doubly important. I endeavoured to compensate for some of Internet Explorer’s deficiencies but that entails the use of JavaScript to perform some of the fixes.

Interesting fact

Not to be confused with the entirely separate ‘Java’ programming language, the name ‘JavaScript’ was coined by its developers at Netscape in the mid-1990’s to make it appear like a spin-off from the Java language.

What do you want to do now

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