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16 September 2019

Bean character having a light-bulb moment

Have you ever heard that little ting.g..g...
as the light-bulb illuminates above your head?

Psychology Solution is that ‘light bulb’ moment.

Keep it simple

THE AIM IS TO KEEP IT SIMPLE, but no simpler! To explain things in clear, easy to understand ways. I think that’s what most people want.

How to build self confidence, overcome social phobia, understand and calm anxiety; discover it all in Self Help, along with a whole lot more. Helpful information about the problem, how it came to be a problem, and how to stop it being a problem any longer.

Clever ideas and comforting thoughts show you exactly what you need to know in order to move forward towards that better future. Just understanding more about something gives you a sort of power over it, don’t you think?

Supporting the self help pages is Useful Resources. Here you can find out about books, CDs, instant self hypnosis downloads, and free courses that I think you’ll find interesting, along with information about such techniques as hypnosis. Tools to positively enhance your life.

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